What's 'Invest & Invite'?

Invest & Invite is our church-wide evangelism strategy by which attendees partner with us in reaching the pre-churched. We ask them to invest themselves into the people around them and then invite them to The Worship Experience.  We adequately prepare each Worship Experience with the utmost level of excellence in order to provide an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging for each invited guest.


The goal is ‘life change’. 

We truly believe that if given enough exposure to the good news, people will be transformed and their lives changed forever. 

We work hard and smart to ensure that once you achieve the goal of inviting guests to our church, we achieve the goal of the Kingdom by keeping them in the church. 


We make sure that all of the next steps of their spiritual journey are obvious, easy and attainable within the context of the church. In other words, we have a plan in place to ensure that spiritual growth is not accidental but rather intentional. 

We take ‘life change’ very serious and are determined to make a difference in the lives of everyone that attend Bahamas Harvest Church.  We need your help.  We need your partnership.

“If you will be faithful in getting them here at The Worship Experience, I’ll be faithful to preach the gospel, make an altar call and extend an invitation for them to accept Jesus Christ into their lives.”  Pastor Mario

Step 1 – Invest

*Identify individuals that you can invest your time and energy in building a godly relationship, i.e  friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, former classmates or anyone that you have an established relationship with seeking to build a new relationship with.

*To be effective in this strategy requires time and patience.  It is important that attendees remain sensitive to those around them and always willing to provide a word of encouragement to those that are in need of it.

How can you invest in the lives of others:
• Send them a personalized word of encouragement (greeting card/email)
• Take them out to lunch and listen to them
• Invite them (and their family) over for dinner
• Help them solve a problem (flat tire/balancing a cash float/school run)
• Just listen responsively (most people need someone in the right moment to pour their hearts out)
• Be cordial and courteous (say ‘hello’ first, take initiative to open doors for others)

Always be ready to step in when you perceive that there is a need.


Once you have established a relationship, the next step is to invite them to church. 

Many Believers feel inadequate in their ability to share the gospel even though they would have participated in evangelism courses and are appropriately prepared.  Most people are somewhat terrified of the prospect of confronting someone they don’t know with a message that is seemingly intrusive.  Remember, relationships are the currency of God’s Kingdom.

Nonetheless, our apprehensiveness about sharing our faith does not relieve us of our moral obligation to evangelize. 

We recognize that you may not be the next Billy Graham but you must still play your part in spreading the gospel. 

How? You invite them to The Worship Experience.

You are capable of inviting someone to church with you.  This is the coolest way for every single attendee to share the gospel and participate in a church-wide evangelistic effort.  Our Worship Experience is designed with the pre-saved and the pre-church in mind. 

We can truly make a difference in our Bahama Land if we would unite together as a church family to invest and invite people to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ

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