Small Group Leadership


We emphasize individual freedom, dignity and creativity.  We love it when people are interested in leading a group of their own. Yes, we provide some guidelines, but our aim is to encourage creativity - not stifle it. The Bible teaches that each one of us has been given strengths & abilities that can serve & encourage people.

How is Leadership Formed?

Small groups are created when an individual has an idea, based on their relationships, gifts, interests, passions, or hobbies that can be used to help people grow in Christ. It is important to note that new group leaders are trained prior to each new semester at our Leader Orientation.  Ongoing support, resource materials and training is given along the way.

What's the Benefit?

There is great spiritual reward, awesome friendships and Kingdom-building in leading a small group. Expect life long impressions as you give and receive through this unique opportunity. 

To lead or participate in a small group, contact us during regular church hours or email

Join A Small Group!

Being an active part of a small group produces family, tight knit friendships, spiritual fruitfulness and long lasting relationships. 

Small Group typically occurs over a 6 week period, with members meeting once a week, for 2 hours.

For more information email