I'm New



 So you heard about The Harvest.

You're wondering who we are,

what we believe and how are we relevant to you.

 Do you belong here?

 Are you accepted?

What can you expect?

You do belong. Your presence here is no accident. There is something special here for you at the Harvest. Believe it. You are not only accepted, but welcomed. Our doors swing on welcome hinges.

Expect to meet purpose, vision, direction and identity for your life through worshiping and serving with us.

By the five steps below, you will understand us much better and find out how  how you can become involved. It is our pleasure to meet you.


Step 1

Meet our pastors. Discover our vision, journey, beliefs and values.

Step 2

What do we teach? Listen to our messages and music and view our message outlines to get an understanding of our ministry.


Step 3

There are many ways to get involved at the Harvest. From Family Life to Small Groups and Serving Opportunities. Discover them all.


Step 4

Take your commitment to another level through membership at the Harvest. Take the Journey To Self-Discovery and discover purpose and meaning in a new way.


Step 5

Leadership comes through service. Now that you're plugged in, now's the time to lead by example. Visit here for a number of Leadership opportunities.