Children's Ministry

"We would rather build boys and girls than repair men and women"


   The goal of our Children's Ministry is to minister to each child on his/her level in a way that meets their physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  It is our desire to assist, not replace, the family in planting Godly seed in a developing foundation.

   We have committed ourselves before God to seize every opportunity to minister to His children.  In so doing, God cotinues to bless us with seeds for planting and hearts which are ripe unto the harvest.


Parents can feel confident in leaving their children and rest assured that caring, competent and loving attendants are ministering to their every need.

Our ministry  is blessed to have attendants who serve because of the call they feel on their lives to minister to God's children and therefore do not take their responsibilities lightly.


"And all your Children shall be disciples - taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace and undisturbed composure of your children" Isaiah 54:13